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8 Aug 2023

Unprotected connected devices enabling abuse say MPs

MPs from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee have called on the government to tackle the use of connected home devices as abuse enablers.

The committee heard evidence that the ‘vast majority” of domestic abuse cases now feature a cyber element, with unprotected smart devices – such as cameras, smart speakers or baby monitors – being used by malicious actors to capture recordings of victims and to harass them.

It also identified children as particularly in need of protection, both from abuse and from having their data and personal information exploited.

It is why the Government introduced the Product Security and Telecommunications Bill, which requires all businesses involved in the supply chains of connectable products to be compliant with a new security regime from 29th April 2024. 

Failure to comply with the requirements could result in products not being able to access the UK market and/or fines impacting global turnover.

This is in addition to EU market access requirements which are coming in via the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

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