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Introducing SafeShark

PSTI and RED compliance specialists

We have perfected straightforward PSTI and RED compliance testing, that allows you to quickly prove your consumer electronic product is ready for UK or EU market access.

We deliver UK and EU market access to consumer electronic devices through independent PSTI and RED compliance testing.

Our mission is clear: to grant you swift and hassle-free access to UK and EU markets through our quick and simple PSTI and RED compliance testing. 

We'll take care of your device’s cyber compliance journey and allow you to prove your product is ready for market access.

Our clients include:

What do we offer?

Here's how it works: You test it with our supplied equipment, seamlessly integrating it into your process. Or, leave it to us - send your devices our way, and we'll conduct our rigorous PSTI and RED tests, promptly delivering the results to you, allowing you to prove your product is ready for market access.
And we don’t just offer a one time testing capability, at SafeShark we also offer the power of continuous testing. We offer continuous PSTI and RED compliance testing that keeps an ongoing watchful eye on your devices, identifying vulnerabilities before they become threats. By doing so, we provide you with the peace of mind that your devices are always protected.
SafeShark also works closely with Governments and standards organisations and will keep you informed of latest requirements through regular reports.

At a glance

The SafeShark scheme assesses products against International standards, such as ETSI EN 303 645, which DCMS have outlined will underpin their consumer IoT cybersecurity legislation
Regular reporting on the cybersecurity performance of the product ensures support for development and access to market
SafeShark works closely with Government and international standards organisations to keep you informed of latest requirements
We act on behalf of our partners and stakeholders during international standards meetings
Demonstrate to consumers and retailers that your product has taken appropriate security controls for best practise
SafeShark provides management of product certification throughout the product life-cycle

What our clients say about us


20 June 2024

Calling all manufacturers – EU connected device consultation

Further to the political agreement reached by the co-legislators on the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), and pending its formal adoption and entry into force, the European Commission is currently taking preparatory steps for the CRA implementation. This includes initial informal consultations and a series of virtual events for manufacturers. This is without prejudice to the […]
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2 May 2024

SafeShark Exposes Alarming Non-compliance Rates in Connected Consumer Devices

Following this week’s conformance deadline (April 29th), SafeShark, the leading authority in connected product testing, has conducted analysis of more than 100 connected consumer devices currently on the market. The results show that a staggering three-quarters of these devices are still not compliant.
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28 March 2024

UPDATED! UK and EU Cyber Security Legislation for Connected Devices

UPDATED: Our exclusive walkthrough of connected device legislation, which affects all connected products on the UK and EU markets, has been updated ahead of the April 29th deadline. Get your copy now.
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SafeShark has teamed up with world-leading certification experts BSI to provide consumer IoT cybersecurity assurance. This is in response to upcoming UK and EU legislation which will require consumer IoT products to meet standards for cybersecurity before they can access the market.


SafeShark is a joint venture formed between DTG Testing, an accredited test laboratory for CE equipment, and Connect Devices, cybersecurity experts specialising in consumer IoT.
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