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22 Feb 2024

Oxford Professor warns government over smart speaker vulnerability

Oxford University Professor of Cybersecurity Sadie Creese has warned against the potential security threat from smart speakers while giving evidence to the Science, Technology and Innovation Select Committee.

She made particular reference, according to a piece in The Times to ‘senior leaders’ and the potential for threat actors to profile them and the way they live using vulnerabilities in the technology.

She told The Times: “… any devices that give away how you live — will make you more targetable. So I would advise people in those kinds of [senior leadership] positions, where they may well be targeted, against having these things in their environment. Just like I would advise against putting a camera in their living room. It just potentially gives an attacker more information about them that can be used to craft targeted attacks.”

The piece also highlights research that found 57% of connected devices were vulnerable to medium or high severity attacks.

SafeShark testing can allay these concerns by not only guaranteeing the cyber security compliance of connected devices with the new PSTI requirements, but because we test against the whole ETSI EN 303 645 specification (the harmonised international standard for cyber security of IoT devices), meaning manufacturers, retailers and their customers can have confidence in the security of their devices.

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