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18 May 2022

Breakfast Briefing: Cybersecurity Standards in action

As SafeShark and BSI get ready to announce the first global consumer device manufacturer to attain our new Cybersecurity certification, we’re inviting representatives from across the connected devices sector to get up close and in person with the tech, the process and the standard.

This session of Parliament is one of the busiest for the TV and tech sector in years, with the Media Bill and the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure both making headline news for our industry.

But what will the latter mean in practical terms? Legislation may lay down a compliance baseline, but the real market opportunity lies in driving best practice in an area that is moving closer to the top of the consumer agenda. Connected device manufacturers need to:

Protect your customers, your business, your investors, your reputation, and your brand position.

Prepare for the legislation and increasing consumer demand before this becomes a business-critical issue.

Enhance your products and brand early on, building a reputation and trust by taking a hard consumer protection stance.

Which is where Safeshark and BSI come in.

Our Breakfast Briefing offers delegates an update on the impact of the legislation direct from DCMS, an insight into the tech behind SafeShark with our live demo on a connected TV, and an outline of how certification will help them turn compliance into competitive edge.

Where: Tintagel House, 92 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TY

When: Thursday June 30th 8.45am – 10.15am (followed by one-to-one opportunities)

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What is SafeShark?

Set up through DCMS funding, SafeShark is a Joint Venture between DTG Testing and Connect Devices, backed by BSI to provide the leading independent certification for new IoT cybersecurity standards. SafeShark certification is designed to secure consumer trust and ‘Protect, Prepare and Enhance’ product, offer and brand position.

Certification offers proactive manufacturers the opportunity to leverage first mover advantage, parlaying it into a point of differentiation and positioning themselves and their products as the most trusted on the market.

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